Jacksonian Gazette


Volunteer for Jackson!


When Major General Andrew Jackson of the Tennessee Militia was called on by President James Madison to assess and strengthen the American military defenses against the British Navy at New Orleans, Louisiana, thousands of volunteers rose up to join him. This uprising of popular support for Jackson's task gave Tennessee its permanent nickname "The Volunteer State." From university football teams to civic organizations, the word "volunteer" holds a special place in Tennessee life. Are you a part of this glorious tradition? Consider volunteering at the Hermitage!

The army needed to maintain, preserve, and interpret The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson, and its 1100-plus acres, buildings, and collections may be smaller than Jackson's, but no less important. In all areas of operations, volunteers are regularly used to assist the staff in caring for gardens, buildings, animals, collections, and visitors.  Volunteers often get a chance to interact with the public in a way that the staff cannot always do. They serve as ambassadors to the visitor and the community. If you have considered using your talents and skills for The Hermitage, we would like to invite you to our Winter Volunteer Orientation session on January 18 at 9:00 a.m.

Enjoy light refreshments as we tour the mansion and the grounds, while discussing the various roles preformed by volunteers at the museum.

Contact Erin Adams, Director of Public Relations & Volunteers at 615-889-2941 ext. 211 or at eadams@thehermitage.com