Jacksonian Gazette


It's About Time



“IT’S ABOUT TIME” . . . is this year’s annual fund theme for The Hermitage. You may have received a brochure and recall that it refers to now as the time to take important steps:

● Look forward to commemorating the 200th anniversary of Jackson’s stunning victory in the Battle of New Orleans

● Honor the legacy of the Ladies’ Hermitage Association’s 125 year history

● Come to visit this spectacular place and bring others with you to revel in its beauty and reflect on all it has meant in our nation’s history

●Share your time and resource as a volunteer, member or donor

●Fall in love with The Hermitage all over again – or for the very first time!

NOW is the time to let your gift make a difference in what can be accomplished at The Hermitage. Please support our work of ongoing preservation and education of more than 35,000 students who turn to The Hermitage to learn how our citizen democracy grew into the world power that is America today.

Andrew Jackson’s story is central to the development of our nation. Help us tell that story in the best way possible to as many people as possible. Your tax deductible gift of any size will enable The Hermitage to share Jackson’s distinguished legacy in new and exciting ways. Don’t wait . . . it’s about time to make a gift right now!