Battle of New Orleans

Battle of New Orleans


At the Hermitage, we begin each new year with a commemoration of General Andrew Jackson’s victory over the British Army at the Battle of New Orleans.  On the cold, foggy morning of January 8, 1815, Jackson’s stunning victory at the Chalmette Battlefield ended the War of 1812. It ended a controversial three-year war with Britain. General Jackson’s ragtag army of 4000 volunteers was greatly outnumbered, but they defeated a force of 10,000 men in just under twenty minutes. The nation forever marked Andrew Jackson as an American hero, and opened the door for Jackson to become President of the United States in 1828. The Battle of New Orleans gave the young American nation a sense of national pride and military power, and sent a Tennessee country lawyer to the White House. The battle has been remembered in many songs:

Remember New Orleans, I say,

Where Jackson show’d them Yankee play,

And beat them off and gain’d the day,

And then we heard the people say

Huzza! For Gen’ral Jackson.