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Spring Outing




Rachel Jackson was the heart of The Hermitage throughout the quarter of a century that she called it home. She was known far and wide for loving devotion to her large extended family and for gracious hospitality to friends and strangers, alike. As a matter of fact, it was often noted that no one paying a visit to The Hermitage would feel like a stranger for long. They were all made to feel welcome and like an instant part of the family. 

Beyond her role as hostess, Rachel competently managed much of the business of operating The Hermitage plantation. Because Andrew’s military and political service took him away from home for long periods of time, it was necessary for Rachel to shoulder great responsibility for business decisions. She deserves much of the credit for the family’s financial success.

Caring for and overseeing the management of The Hermitage mansion was important to Rachel. At Spring Outing, as we honor her memory, it is perhaps bittersweet to realize that the mansion we’ll view from a tent on the front lawn is different from the mansion Rachel knew in her lifetime. Andrew had it rebuilt and enlarged following a later fire. But rest assured that Rachel’s spirit still fills this place and it remains very much her home.

For 125 years, The Ladies’ Hermitage Association (LHA) has cared for and preserved the home of President Andrew Jackson. Since 1889, their diligence and determination has seen The Hermitage through numerous hardships and disasters. Its status as a major international attraction and the most authentically preserved early American presidential home site is a great tribute to their persistence and skill.

Today, The Hermitage is operated as a nonprofit organization (501c3) with a Board of Trustees that includes both women and men whose service is devoted to fulfilling the mission to preserve, educate and inspire. 

Spring Outing is a time-honored tradition at The Hermitage. For more than 100 years, members have gathered at this time to celebrate their accomplishments and to honor the memory and legacy of the family who called The Hermitage home.

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