The Ladies' Hermitage Association was founded in 1889 for the sole purpose of protecting, preserving, and presenting to the public The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson. In that year, well over a century ago, prominent Nashville women banded together intent on preserving The Hermitage - not only its historic structures, undeveloped farmland, and beautiful garden, but also the legacy of Andrew Jackson: a man who defended his wife's honor at all costs, the general who led his troops to a stunning victory against the British at the Battle of New Orleans, and the president who solidified the Union, eliminated the national debt and presided over an era that saw an intense resurgence of political, social and religious ideology.

As a member, you will be continuing these efforts and helping to:

PRESERVE 1,120 acres of original farmland - one of the largest open spaces in the greater Nashville area - in addition to 25 buildings
and structures including President Andrew Jackson' s Greek-Revival mansion, numerous archeological sites as well as former slave cabins.

EDUCATE more than 30,000 students, teachers and history enthusiasts through programs, training courses and online resources

INSPIRE close to 170,000 visitors each year, making The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson one of the most visited historic sites in the country!