Scout Programs

Scout Programs

The Hermitage offers four excellent programs for Scouts. These 2-3 hour programs are available year-round except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. All programs include admission to the Hermitage introductory film, museum gallery, tour of the mansion and grounds, program materials, and The Hermitage Scout Patch.

Fees for Scout Programs:

Groups with less than 15 Scouts: $9/scout
Adults: $14.00
Tag-A-Long Children: $6.00 (This rate applies to children ages 6-12 who are not scouts.)

Groups with 16 or more Scouts: $8/scout
Adults: One free adult for 10 scouts. All other adults: $14.00
Tag-A-Long Children: $6.00 (This rate applies to children ages 6-12 who are not scouts.)

Note: Fees and free adults based on actual number of participants, not reserved number.

Available Scout Programs:

Scavenger Hunt (Grades K-6)

The scavenger hunt at The Hermitage has been expanded to include things inside the Visitor Center, museum, mansion, and throughout the property as well as many things to find in nature. Two separate lists are provided to accommodate a wide range of ages. Scout leaders will determine how much of the lists to include in the hunt. Scouts will search for personal items such as Rachel Jackson’s necklace, Andrew Jackson’s eyeglasses or things such as a Ginkgo tree leaf on the grounds or a butterfly in the garden. Scouts will use their senses of sight, hearing, smelling, and touching to find many of the items on the nature list. To earn The Hermitage Scout patch, participants must tour the grounds with the leader and search for things on the list(s) provided.

More programs are in development - check back for updates!