Travelin' Classroom

Travelin' Classroom

Transportation costs giving you the pox? Try our new Travelin' Classroom program! Available for grades 2-12, these 45-60 minute standards-based hands-on programs bring an educator from The Hermitage directly to your classroom! We will be happy to accommodate multiple class periods in a day, so your entire grade can engage in an interactive program with The Hermitage without ever leaving the classroom!

Travelin' Classrooms cost $4/student, or $2/student for Title I schools, and The Hermitage waives the mileage fee for Davidson County and Wilson County schools.

Travelin' Classrooms with The Hermitage

Available classes:

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Andrew Jackson and the Bank War

The Battle of New Orleans

Clover Bottom General Store

The Corrupt Bargain

I Spy the Past

The Importance of Andrew Jackson

Irish in America

Jacksonian Democracy vs. Jeffersonian Democracy


Revolution in the Carolinas

Slavery at The Hermitage

Trail of Tears


To schedule a Travelin' Classroom, call 615.889.2941, ext 244, or email the Education Department