RACHEL Videoconferencing

RACHEL Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing with The Hermitage!

The Hermitage is proud to unveil the Reinforcing American History through Electronic Learning (RACHEL) initiative, our new videoconferencing program. Teachers who are facing high transportation costs, limited classroom time, or are too far away for an on-site visit (or all of the above) can now participate in an online, interactive educational program with The Hermitage's Education Department! We can work with schools that have a Tandberg or Polycom unit - and we have an option for you if your school has neither! Simply call 615.889.2941, ext 243 or email us with questions or comments.

The Hermitage is proud to present the RACHEL (Reinforcing American History through Electronic Learning) videoconferencing program! Are you too far away to visit The Hermitage? Are transportation costs too high for your school? Do you have limited classroom time? All of the above? You can participate in a live, interactive educational program with our Education Department! We can connect to schools that have Tandberg and/or Polycom videoconferencing units, and we have an option for schools that don't have access to their own videoconferencing unit, as well!

Would you like more information for your teachers? Our videoconferencing overviews are free! Schedule up to a 30-minute session with the Education Department to ask questions and see the technology in action.


An Award-winning program!

The Hermitage has been named by CILC as a recipient of the 2011-12 Pinnacle Award - an annual award presented to organizations delivering outstanding K-12 standards-based interactive videoconferencing programs. To qualify for the award, the provider must receive a minimum 2.85 average score out of a possible 3.0 on their program evaluations from educators during the school year.  The evaluation assess seven areas: two related to the effectiveness of the presenter and five related to the educational content of the program.




Topics available:

Andrew Jackson and the Bank War

The Architecture of The Hermitage

The Battle of New Orleans

The Corrupt Bargain

The Faces of Andrew Jackson

The Importance of Andrew Jackson

Jacksonian Democracy vs. Jeffersonian Democracy


Q&A with The Hermitage

Slavery at The Hermitage

Trail of Tears



Program Overview Free!
Standard Connection $75
Five Webconference package $300
Q&A Session $20


Inquiries and Scheduling

For more information, download our RACHEL FAQ document:

Call 615.889.2941, ext 243

Or email the Director of Education