Things to See & Do

Things to See & Do

The Andrew Jackson Visitor Center

At the Andrew Jackson Visitor Center, you purchase your tickets and can watch a twenty-two minute introductory film on Andrew Jackson and The Hermitage. While at the Center be sure to view the exhibits on Jackson and The Hermitage and explore the gallery’s changing exhibits. The Hermitage Museum Store is also located in the Center. Leaving the Center you will walk about 300 yards to the Hermitage mansion. Feel free to return to the Center at any time to investigate the exhibits and shop in the Museum Store.

The Hermitage Mansion

The Hermitage mansion has been meticulously restored to its 1837 appearance and today looks much as it did when Andrew Jackson returned to it after finishing his second term as President. After the home was damaged by fire in 1834, Jackson had it remodeled in the Greek Revival style. Today, six wallpapers installed after the fire still hang on the walls and the majority of the furniture in the home was purchased by the Jackson family to replace pieces damaged in the fire. Personal objects, like Jackson’s swords and books, also adorn the home along with the Jackson family’s collection of portraits.

When you arrive at the Hermitage mansion, costumed historical interpreters greet you and prepare you for your tour. Inside historical interpreters stationed throughout the house tell you about Jackson, his family, and his home and answer any questions you have. On average, the Hermitage mansion tour lasts twenty minutes.

The Hermitage Grounds

Self-guided tours of The Hermitage grounds have much to offer including the Hermitage garden, Jackson’s tomb, and the Beyond the Mansion tour of sites related to slavery, farming, and nature at The Hermitage. All paths are well marked with directional and interpretive signage. Visitors are also welcome to drive approximately one-half mile to the Hermitage Church and Tulip Grove mansion.  Today, Tulip Grove is open for tours from 10 AM-2 PM Monday -Friday.  Ticket prices are $5 for adults and $3 for children (18-under) and can be purchased at the ticket office in the Andrew Jackson Visitor Center.  Tulip Grove and the Hermitage Church are also available for rental events.